Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A camera for tapestries...

I have been wanting to get a new camera to photograph my tapestries for a long time. A generous gift from my grandfather has allowed me to finally get a digital Nikon SLR and though I haven't taken one picture of a finished tapestry, I am having fun with it.

On my 14th birthday (alas, many years ago now), my parents bought me a Pentax K1000 single lens reflex camera. The very first roll of film--carefully chosen photos of my family and a set of shots of hummingbirds at Lake Granby where we were on vacation--came back in a very skinny package from the developer. The roll was unexposed. Turns out the Pentax K1000 has a tricky film start and that roll never went through the camera. I was devastated, but started again and pretty soon learned how to take all kinds of pictures including those hummingbird pictures (which somehow got me to the regional science fair one year).

Now I have my very own digital SLR. Mostly I have to admit that I use it like a point and shoot--in the auto mode. But I love that little sound of the mirror slapping. It reminds me of the years of the Pentax K1000. I'm sure I'll get around to taking better photos of my tapestries--especially the ones for the Interwoven Traditions: New Mexico and Bauhaus shows this summer and fall, but for now I'm just messing around.
Thanks Grandpa!
Today at Plaza Blanca. Look Ma! New hiking shoes!

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  1. Hello, I've been reading through your blog after you posted an email with the blog site on the tapestry list. Thanks for sharing your observations about life, weaving, and northern NM! I could completely identify with items in just about every posting; in this one with fond memories of the clack of the K1000 shutter. I loved using that camera, and bonded with my newer digital SLR Nikon the first time I heard its shutter.
    I look forward to seeing your exhibit this summer!
    Lany Eila (Santa Fe)


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