Monday, August 16, 2010


The random blog post title might have come from the Yarn Harlot. She is my favorite fiber blogger and often makes me snort right out loud. Some days you just have to post random things.

Last weekend I spent a few hours helping out my sister and brother-in-law with their house. That is me and my sis on the roof. Never thought I could get up there, but climbing harnesses do help a bunch!

I finished Emergence II. It has not been photographed yet, but will be soon as it is getting a ride to Germany in just over a week. Here is the end of it on the loom with the cartoon behind it.
And here is my new tapestry bumper sticker. Kathe Todd-Hooker is the author of this one! She just finished a book called "So Warped" and I suspect that had something to do with the idea for this sticker. I love it.


  1. Actually the title was in my mind and in my journal long before I wrote the book. My oldest son used to walk through my studio when he was in high school and would shake his head roll his eyes and say you are just so warped- would it be too much to expect a normal mother. No wonder I am so weird. It's genetic.

    Also, it's how I feel everytime I have to warp a loom to weave another tapestry. Warping can be a warped/ing experience. gr!
    Enjoy your trip to Germany!

  2. Thanks Kathe! I love the story about your son. :)
    Just got back from Germany and it was fantastic!


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