Sunday, October 3, 2010

October in New Mexico

Colors at Cumbres Pass on the border between NM and CO.

I am starting to get back into the swing of work and weaving after the trip to Europe. I earn my keep by working in the public schools in rural NM. I am currently staying in Chama and this week is THE week that the colors are changing.

I love hiking long trails, and often, especially after school (work) has started again for the year, I wish I was out on the trail somewhere. I have seen a few SOBO CDT thru's in Chama lately and wish I could spend the day listening to their adventures.

Despite the burning of a trestle this summer a few miles out of Chama, the Cumbres and Toltec railroad is still running. They are busing people up to Cumbres pass (shown here at sunset) and running from there.
I also have managed to get some dyeing done the last two weekends. I am hoping that once I start weaving the next two pieces, I will find that these colors are okay. Here are a few shots of my dye set-up. I certainly hope for my own dye studio one day, though this works for now. Carports are great things.

Taos Wool Festival was also this weekend. Emmy and I went yesterday and visited the alpaca, llamas, and angora bunnies. There was also some good yarn for sale as usual. Since I just bought a suitcase full of knitting yarn in Germany, I didn't buy anything this year at Wool Fest (can you believe it?).


  1. Such beautiful photos of the aspens. Makes me long to live in CO/NM again! What kind of dyes are you using?

  2. The aspens are wonderful. This is THE week up by Chama for the leaves--already they have fallen up at 10,000 feet in the Sangres.

    I use acid wool dye. It is easy and reproduceable and it gives me the gradations I like.

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Well, I am finally catching up on my blog reading... I brought home my own souvenir illness from my Canyon trip, a virus that is still clinging & which I hope will be fading by the time I climb on the plane this Wed to head to Silvia Heyden's place in North Carolina.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your posts about your exhibit in Germany & the time you spent there & in Austria. What a fabulous fanfare you all received at the opening! What a wondrous experience for you! I think you will have food for thought about everything you were able to see & do for a long time to come.


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