Friday, June 24, 2011

A very busy bunch of dye days...

Three full days of dyeing wool is great exercise.  I'm glad I get a break for a few days though as I wait for a dye I don't have to come in.  I love experimenting with new colors and found myself warming to the task as the days went along.  I started off with some basic colors (actually they look kind of like a candy store to me) and then started pulling out old dye formulas I haven't used in years and giving those a go.  It is amazing how many colors you can make--I think the combinations might be infinite.

Candy store colors

I still have a large pile of yarn to turn into balls so it can be used in workshops. I've never seen an electric ball winder, but wish I had such a thing!

I used an emerald green dye I found in my dye stash and ended up with a yarn that looked like it was intentionally variegated it was so uneven.  I believe some dyes are more prone to this than others and if I use this dye again I'll have to experiment with another leveling agent.  All I used on this skein was glauber's salt.  I considered overdyeing it, but decided that it would probably look interesting in a weaving and I'd see what happened.

And I was reading Debbie Herd's blog and pondering her question about whether posting photos of tapestries online before they are exhibited is a good idea.  I do think this is a good question.  It goes along with my questioning of whether blogging is a good idea in general. I think that the internet can be a benefit to us as artists... but consideration of how we use it is always important.  I agree that going to an exhibition and seeing work that hasn't been shown anywhere is exciting.  Sometimes I follow this little rule about not posting photos on my blog or website until the show has gone up, and sometimes I don't.  It all depends.  I think if I were doing a solo show I would wait to post photos until after the opening.


  1. I have also been debating the value of blogging - and especially of pre-showing work. I think I began doing it to have a permanent record of the work in progress, to prove copyright ownership. But, as it is often viewed by those who go to the exhibits, I am wondering about why I do it anymore.... I've been kind of backing off a bit from blogging myself, but I do confess that I truly enjoy reading other weaver's blogs and watching their work progress. It inspires me to keep going.

  2. Love the colors! There's something so satisfying about all those colored skeins. And I actually checked on an electric ball winder, but was afraid to take a chance. As soon as the two little boys go back to their parents, i'm going back to the dyepots. This weaving/dyeing hiatus has made me itchy to get going again.


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