Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garage sales don't sell looms...

Well, I tried to unload a couple looms last Saturday at a family garage sale, but turns out that a yard sale in rural Colorado is not the place to sell even small looms. (Excellent garage sale street art by my sister Laura, somewhat modified by me to block out the address.)

These are the looms I had for sale.  I'll have to list them on some site once I get back from my next adventure sometime in September.  The LeClerc Dorothy loom is a good piece of equipment, but I just don't have any use for an 8 harness table loom anymore...  apparently neither do garage sale hunters in rural CO!

 I have an identical inkle loom to this one and I don't need two!  Probably no one knew what it was among the piles of old drills and bicycles.
 It is amazing what people WILL buy at a garage sale though.  Even if you tell them 10 times that something is irrevocably broken, they will stay pay a quarter to haul it away for you.

 Cassy wishing she could come and lick the sticky fingers of the kids under the tables...
 Then there was an injury...
Garage sales can be dangerous you know.
 It happened not far from where this sign was posted....

Turns out it was only STAGE BLOOD...  (Don't worry Tommye!)
I think I might need a 12 step program like this one... Do you think they have daily meetings?


  1. Ha, Ha, Rebecca!!

    Can't believe no one snapped up the looms!

  2. They all had quarters in their pockets. I was looking for some paper money. :)


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