Friday, September 20, 2013

The Whitney's thoughts on contemporary tapestry: "decorative arts"

I recently joined twitter. I have always thought anything where you did something called "tweeting" frequently had to be a complete waste of time (which might still be true), but it seems that some people actually follow it and I thought it couldn't hurt to put some love out there in a short, quick format. So I took the plunge... and quite frankly don't really understand how it works yet.

But this post tweet by the Whitney Museum caught my eye. I definitely did want to ask the curator a question. I had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn't like the response, and I was right.
To be fair, there was a follow-up tweet with this response, so perhaps all is not lost... or is it?

I did some quick research and the "tapestry" from the 2012 Whitney Biennial by Elaine Reichek was"woven on a computerized loom, to the artist's specifications, in a commercial mill" (From Whitney Museum of Art's website HERE). That, folks, says jacquard to me. (And no, I don't want to have the jacquard "tapestry" debate today. It is a different art form. It is fine, it just isn't the same thing as what I do and I'd really rather it wasn't called tapestry.) And if you're curious, there is a photo of the tapestry HERE on the artist's website.

I'm afraid decorative arts is not what I am going for. Add your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. If you are on twitter, my handle is @RMezoff. And if you know what those little hashtag things are all about, can you let me in on the secret? It seems so cool to talk in hashtags, but quite frankly all I really know is that it is a bunch of words squished together with a number sign at the beginning.


  1. I'm not one to tweet myself ;) but to answer your question the hashtags are for grouping and searching.

  2. ...and example could be #tapestryisart nothing posted yet :)

    1. Awesome! #tapestrtisart is a new trend starting today. :)

  3. Why not tell the tweeter at the Whitney more about tapestry weaving? Have they heard of the Unicorn tapestries?

    I also knit and get a little annoyed-amused when people think I'm crocheting...

    Jessica (on the nook, not signed on google...)

  4. Hmm, interesting. I am not getting on Twitter. Do some facebook and that is bad enough. Course I have to read several blogs and always, yours! Hope this weekend goes really well for you and you have a great workshop. My dream, come to you or wait for your on-line classes. Love you much. Helen

  5. Hmmm, isn't painting technically 'decorative art' as well? LOL :P

  6. I added RMezoff on twitter.. I rarely get on.. maybe I should so I can post one liner updates every so often!


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