Thursday, May 8, 2014

Online Tapestry Techniques Classes Reviews plus registration announcements

The first run of the online beginning tapestry techniques class is going fabulously. The students are engaged, and quite frankly, amazing. They have already taught me loads. Here are some examples:
  • Hockey pucks are a great way to prop up your Mirrix loom so you can get the yarn spool under it while warping. This was from a Canadian of course!
  • Making butterflies is a great thing to teach people sitting in a cancer center waiting room at the hospital. It is even better if you can teach your son and he can teach them how to do it while he waits for his grandma's treatment. Dealing with the car-load of resulting butterflies is a small price to pay for waiting-room engagement.
  • Sometimes you just have to accept that the current body of work you are creating is going to be called "The Learning Experience Tapestries."
  • Purple nail polish DOES help you weave better (at least if you are from the wine country of northern California!)
  • People DO actually weave in the middle of the night. (I sleep then; don't expect help at 2am)
Here are some of the things they had to say about their experience so far (and thanks to all of you amazing weavers for allowing me to share your thoughts... and for being so appreciative!).
You have been incredibly responsive to everyone's questions, with answers that both convey additional knowledge or information and engagement with your learners.  Your videos are very personal and engaging as well (I enjoy your written cryptic comments and corrections, as you might imagine).  It takes the right type of teacher to do well in an online environment and I believe that you are going to have great success in this medium.                                                      --Summer Larson, California
I love this course! Rebecca's thoughtful consideration for her students comes through in all of the videos, written materials, and discussion areas. I felt like I was there in the studio with her. Highly recommended!              -- Gina Pruette, Santa Fe, New Mexico
This is a great class! I am learning a lot. I just wish I could skip work so I could work on learning tapestry.                        -- Catriona Mortell, Ann Arbor, Michigan

On April 30, Trish wrote this about weaving headers and splicing, "Thanks for all the help so far and we are only three days in! Already worth more than the cost of the course!!!"
She added to this on May 8,
Things already worth the price of admission -- EACH of them
Double ended butterflies
Consistent bubbling -- the hand dance
Weft tension
Easier ways to warp the Mirrix -- not getting the heddles mixed up and messy
Having a height adjustable table or using an easel to get the work dropped down in front (I HAVE a height adjustable table and had not lowered it. WHAT a difference.) 
                                               --Trish White, British Columbia, Canada
Dawn commented at the end of the first week of class about her experience:

I’m about 12” into the sampler, spending most of last week reading Rebecca’s handouts, watching and re-watching her videos and asking questions. AND WEAVING! I question what made all of the difference this time around. I truly believe it has to do with having her right there with us “online”. She has been so responsive to questions, her videos are actually fun to watch as she adds her fun personality to the videos which keep me from drifting off and getting bored. The videos are also just the right length - not too long - not too short. She demonstrates precisely the technique being taught. The camera work and close ups are taken professionally making them easy to see and to follow. I actually understand WHY things need to be done for certain techniques. This class now has me thinking and designing in my head, and understanding the path it will take to achieve those designs.             --Dawn MacFall, Macfiberfall studio, Pine River, WI                     

The class is offered in three ways.
  1. You can take each of the three month-long classes individually (Part 1, 2, and 3). All these classes come with in-depth moderation and teaching from me.
  2. You can take all three of them together so you can work through the modules as quickly as you wish. This option also comes with intensive moderation and teaching from me. This class starts June 23rd.
  3. You can take all three of them together as in #2 but get no moderation or teaching from me for a significant price break, also starting June 23.
Part 1 is offered again starting June 9. Go to my website HERE for more information or click the link at the bottom of the page register.

Part 2 is also open for registration for all of you currently taking Part 1 (and those brave souls who want to skip part one and move straight to Part 2 -- you might want to email me about this option just to make sure). Registration is below.

Registration for the three-in-one options will be opening in about a week when I finish tweaking the slightly different presentation of this class.

Feel free to contact me with questions about the classes. And if you know of someone who might like an online tapestry class, please send them my way!


Click below for more information on my website including a trailer video and a FAQ page that will answer many of your questions.  



  1. Rebecca, this has been the best experience ever. You have made it so easy to understand the various techniques. I will come away from these classes a much better tapestry weaver. Indeed, I'm already seeing and feeling it. What a special treat for me to have you as my teacher. Thank you for giving so much of yourself and your time to make these on line classes available to all of us.

    1. You are so welcome! I love teaching. It really energizes me... that figuring out how to communicate to someone how to do a certain motor skill or where to move yarn is a challenge though! Thank goodness for video.

  2. I am loving your course too (as the official class slowpoke). I love being able to watch your videos over and over, and being able to read your tips as everyone moves through the course. And hey I got my heddles on today! I'll be catching up this weekend!

    1. Yay! You're doing fine Patricia! I can't wait to see what you weave. I'm glad you like the videos too.

  3. You are not slower than I am Patricia. I broke a tooth on the warp beam gear so have to warp another loom tomorrow and start over. We will catch up ad then pass everyone! Gretchen

  4. Rebecca there is a challenge I have found with your online class!
    I want more of your videos, more of your downloads More of learning at my own pace. More enjoying the journey and not wanting it to end!
    Yes, I know there two more parts.......but then what????
    Your are very gifted at teaching your craft and allowing your students the freedom to learn under your watchful eyes.
    Please consider adding more classes in the future.
    I want, no make that NEED continue my journey.

    1. Lucky for you I'm already planning on doing the Color Gradation class online... and probably a few shorter classes for the people who want something with less commitment. :)
      (I love having fans. How awesome are you Susan?)

  5. I'm also inline with the slowpokes, but enjoying learning very much. Thanks, Rebecca, for being patient and answering all our many questions. You're a very responsive teacher and also thorough. Thanks !


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