Sunday, June 8, 2014

Collation station

I'm heading off to teach a live workshop version of the Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry class. I spent yesterday making sure everything was ready to go.
I had fed my last $20 to the copy machine monster at FedEx Office and the money counter on the machine was falling faster than the pile of paper left to copy. After waiting in line to get a machine, I was loath to leave to get cash and have to wait again just to copy the last three pages. I scrambled through my purse hoping for another $20 stuck somewhere, but came up empty. As a last ditch effort I fed some ones into the thing, but it wasn't enough. Sadly I picked up my pile, considered not giving the class the resource list, decided it was important, and drove to the nearest ATM for more cash.

Sure enough, upon returning to FedEx I had to wait with a woman in spike heel's 6 year old who was crawling under the rolling tables looking for loose change and dead bugs. I declined his invitation to look myself. But his mom finished faster than the lady copying large architectural drawings or the two ladies who were clearly confused by the masses of paper piles they had created, so eventually I got to copy my last three pages. Upon getting up to the copy machine, sadly I realized I could have just put my credit card in originally and kept right on copying.

Fortunately the handouts are ready.

The yarn is packed.

I finished warping four Mirrix looms today.

Someone else is driving me up to Golden, Colorado.

All I have to do is find some knitting to occupy me on the 7 hour drive through the Rocky Mountains.


  1. Rebecca, I'm sure all the trouble you went to will be very appreciated by your students. You always give 200% to all of us. Have a fun, successful class.

  2. Have a safe trip and a great class!


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