Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Landing in Providence... Convergence 2014

This is the land of water, but the only boat I've seen so far is this one in the Providence airport.
I almost needed a boat in Chicago. As the prior flight was deplaning and I thought I was on my way to Providence and dinner, the dreaded, "Folks, we just need to let you know that the ramp has just closed for lightening" announcement crackled over the loudspeaker. Fortunately, the storm was short and we were on our way soon, but my luggage apparently got to experience the lightening first hand in a deluge of water in an unprotected luggage cart on the tarmac. Because when I got to my hotel room, I realized that everything in both bags except the yarn Emily had encouraged me to put in plastic bags, was soaked. Every piece of clothing. Every book. Every woven sample. Every handout for my Thursday class (sorry about that class). Soaked.
The first day of my Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class at Convergence 2014 went well despite the damp clothing and tapestries. Out of 25 students, 16 had Mirrix looms. I think that might indicate a success for that particular loom company. But who is surprised? They are great little looms.
I am off for another day of teaching.

PS. Today it is raining.


  1. Sorry to hear about your rough start. I'm sure things will only get better from here on. I think you've made a valid case for buying hard case luggage though.

    1. That is exactly what my Dad said Michele! It'll probably never happen to me again in my whole life but from now on I'll be wrapping things in plastic. . . or borrowing my Dad's hardsides I suppose. (They don't have wheels and they are from 1950, so maybe not.)

  2. I was afraid when you posted a while back that Chicago would be a better place to transfer planes that you would be disappointed. Here we have had torrential record breaking rain and now we are having the summer version of the polar vortex (more than 15 degrees colder than usual so not very summerlike) after having had record breaking cold polar vortex last winter. Recently I have been soaked while walking, had to bail on an outdoor concert, and my house developed a roof leak! Sure seems like climate change to me.
    I wish Chicago could have been nicer to you. It really can be a lovely place, especially in the summer. If you ever need anything here--let me know. I wish I could take your classes at Convergence. Maybe next time??? (Will you go again? I think it is supposed to be in the Midwest.) Or I will just have to come back to Santa Fe.
    Hope your remaining days in Rhode Island go well.
    Karen Maddi in Chicago

  3. Oh my gosh!! How awful to discover your sodden mess. Thank goodness for Emily's foresight with the yarn but still...yikes. Hope things are going swimmingly to speak...

  4. You know what I have discovered over time and teaching trips. The rougher the start the better the workshop turns out. Sounds like your looking at a glorious workshop teaching experience!!!

  5. Catching up!

    You are a very brave woman to check your samples and notebooks. I always travel imitating a pack animal: carry everything precious.

    Looks like Convergence was a feast!

    1. So true! And I regretted it, didn't I? Next time the carry-on roller bag is holding all the books and samples. The handouts can take the risk but I will wrap them in plastic (the ones I didn't ship beforehand!) Clothes are irrelevant. :)


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