Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The best of 2014: My most popular blog posts this year

On the last day of 2014, here are some of the blog posts that people read the most this year. I'm not saying they were the best posts because some of those were cleverly disguised under headlines that did not sparkle and you did not read them. Click on the post title to see the full post.

The posts about tapestry tools and methods

A Dozen Gift Ideas for Tapestry Weavers
This was a list of some of my favorite tapestry things. I hope Santa made good use of the list this Christmas.

Tapestry Looms: what do you use?
You were very interested in this post about tapestry looms. I have the follow-up post in progress with all of your responses. Stay tuned!
Making yellow into blue. Color Gradation in yarn.
I taught my Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class several times this year. The first time was in my Santa Fe studio to a great group of students largely from the Pacific Northwest. There are many photos in this post of the wonderful things they did.
Weft Tension: how to control the amount of weft used in tapestry weaving
This is a post I use a lot when teaching. Weft tension is one of the biggest problems people have when weaving tapestry. This post gives you some ideas of how to fix it. Need more? My online class addresses weft tension throughout.

The posts about famous tapestry weavers and their methods

Jean Pierre Larochette, Yael Lurie and The Tree of Lives
I finally met Jean Pierre and Yael this year. I heard them speak about their new book and of course bought a copy. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it gave me a perspective on contemporary tapestry weaving in the USA that I didn't have before.
American Tapestry Biennial 10, San Diego
As one of the co-chairs for ATB10, I wasn't going to miss the opening in San Diego. This post has a video tour of the show and many photos of the tapestries.
Anna Kocherovsky, Wishing Well
Desert Horizons with Joan Baxter
I had the good fortune of taking a class with Joan Baxter at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico this year. The week was one of the best of the year.
James Koehler's Tapestry process... the last video
This post has a video made in 2010 not long before James died. It shows his process and you get a little flavor for what his studio is like.

Posts from my head... and these aren't even crazy pants

Warp and Weft enters a time warp... Timeline for all classes extended. A lot.
There have been a handfull of posts about the online class this year, but this is the one you all read. Probably because you were excited I extended the time-frame for the course. I designed each of the three parts to be done in about a month, but that length of time proved insufficient for many people. So I made the course 6 months long (except where I make mistakes like the current Part 1 class--it has been open since October and still has 6 months left--so sign up now!)
Yes we do need to tell people what we do is worthwhile. All of us.
This one is about believing in ourselves as artists and craft makers. I wrote it after hearing The Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl McPhee, speak in Loveland. I laughed so hard I blew snot... plus Stephanie had this important message to share.

Wherein Rebecca gets an article published in Fiber Art Now... and goes a little nuts with the yarn
My article in Fiber Art Now came out about the same time I had to wind about a million balls of yarn for my Convergence classes. This one might be crazy pants... Yarn in a baby swimming pool. But the Yarn Mania video is a lot of fun.

Crushing the butterfly
I love Ann Patchett's writing. In her book of essays, This is the story of a happy marriage, she talks about what it is like to make art. I think we can all relate.

Still in Providence... A couple tapestry shows
I spent a great deal of my summer preparing for Convergence and then teaching. I wrote quite a few blog posts while in Providence. This is the last one. About the time I wrote this I thought, "I'll never do this again. I'm too tired." But with the blessing of time and memory loss, I can now say I'll go back.
Louise Martin, Looking Out. This was my favorite piece in the Untitled/Unjuried ATA show

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