Monday, December 14, 2015

A visit to the minds of six different tapestry teachers...

American Tapestry Alliance's Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour

The American Tapestry Alliance is trying something new thanks to Janna Marie Vallee of Vancouver Yarn. She is spearheading a blog tour which starts December 23rd.

Janna has put up a great information page on her website which includes a video.
You can see it all HERE.
If you want to, you can even sign up for the tour which gets you on the inside track for some great prizes and will give you directions to each stop. As I understand it, prizes include ATA memberships and free entry to ATA's 2016 Tapestry Unlimited show.

I am expecting some really fun posts. With a crew like this, what else would you expect?
Here are the leaders of your tour:

Janna Marie Valee: December 23rd
Rebecca Mezoff: December 30th
Terry Olson: January 6th
Claudia Chase: January 13th
Elizabeth Buckley: January 20th
Sarah Swett: January 27th

I kind of feel like we're doing one of those holiday home tours except I can peek into other weavers studios from my couch.


  1. I love this idea and signed up when I first heard about it. I'm ready to learn something new from everyone.

  2. I just signed up and am looking forward to it! Thank you for the post.

  3. oh man, I love that wee weaving of yours!!! So gorgeous.


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