Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And the winners are...

If you haven't tuned into the American Tapestry Alliance's Tapestry Unlimited Blog Tour yet, jump on board! It is six weeks of wonderful information-packed posts from some great tapestry weavers.

If you like to start at the beginning like I do, THIS post by Vancouver Yarn is the place to go.
Janna talks about how to warp a simple loom and how to get started with the actual weaving.

The second post from last week was written by me. I give you two videos which review the basic tapestry concept of meet and separate and then help you use that concept for shading and color gradation in irregular hatching.

And the winners from my week are... Mary M. and Elysse M. You'll be hearing from ATA soon!

The third post by Terry Olson went up today. Terry gives you a look at how to use slits to create vertical lines. She also gives some great examples of tapestry artists who use slits this way. Outlining or making very thin lines can be difficult in tapestry depending on the orientation of the work, so having Terry's tips in your tool box of techniques is important.

Oh, and there are prizes for following the tour. Unfortunately, ATA members are not eligible for the prizes, but those of you who are not ATA members are going to want to make sure you enter. The best prize is a free membership because ATA is a fantastic place to learn all about tapestry. You can also win a free entry to the next unjuried show, Tapestry Unlimited, which will be shown at Convergence in Milwaukee this summer. Look for directions in each post to enter.

Here are the links for the tour! I hope to see you all there.

The Blog Tour Line-Up

December 23rd: Vancouver Yarn
December 30th: Rebecca Mezoff
January 6th: Terry Olson
January 13th: Mirrix Looms
January 20th: Elizabeth Buckley
January 27th: Sarah Swett

As for me, I just got home from an extended road trip where I did a lot of this.

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  1. Welcome home. It sounds like you had a very good time.


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