Friday, July 30, 2010

My finger has slipped off the control button... for better or worse

It used to be that I KNEW when my tapestries were pictured somewhere and where exactly they all were hanging. Recently I have realized that I no longer know this. My work has found it's way out into the world and I really don't know where much of it is. This is exciting in some ways--maybe my work is influencing someone else somewhere. Maybe in my very small way, I can create something that will help someone else.

I just found another blogger (Sandra Rude) who does fantastic complex fabrics who loved my work in Albuquerque and blogged about it here. I opened the Rio Grande Sun (local paper of Espanola, NM) yesterday and found a photo of Contemplative Garden in the Arts section with the press release for our show in Albuquerque. And the arts editor of that paper is going to do a story about our show in the next issue (if I actually sit myself down tonight and answer all his questions!).

The world has become a complicated place, and I am okay with not knowing where my creations have ended up. Part of my journey is learning how to let go of control. I am contemplating a new series of work that addresses the fragile and changing nature of life. We try so hard to make things archival, to hold on to people and memories and events... and often we clutch the past so tightly to our chests that we completely miss the present.

I love finding my images or news of my tapestries in various places. I hope that discovery continues for a long time. And for the photos, articles, and tapestry locations I don't know about... well I will imagine that they are making someone take a second look somewhere in the world.

As a related post script, I got a call from my father this morning. He is visiting some friends in upstate New York and found an article in USA Today about northern NM fiber trails with a couple photos of Weaving Southwest. There is also a nice video that has some footage of Teresa Loveless of Weaving Southwest dyeing and Lisa Trujillo of Centinela Traditional Arts weaving.

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  1. Rebecca,

    You are a bright & rising star... enjoy the ride!



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