Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where in the world is Rebecca? adventures afoot...

By now many of you have heard rumors of me moving.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they are at least partly true.  Okay, they are completely true.  I no longer live in New Mexico and honestly, can't really say where it is I do live!  But for sure for the coming three months I am staying and working in Cortez, CO.  I was not all that thrilled about going to Cortez for this temporary job, but I have to say now that I am here, that I am quite impressed with this little town.  Here are the reasons I've amassed so far:
1.  There is a Chinese restaurant that serves gluten free food.  Yes.  Chinese.  You heard that correctly (and it isn't P.F. Changs).
2.  There are huge city parks here and they are gorgeous.  They also include walking trails.
3.  The City Market has Pamela's brownie mix and Udi's muffins.  Need I say more?
4.  I am living 3 minutes from work.  If I wasn't doing home health (for which I need my car), I could walk to work every day.
5.  The liquor store on the corner is called "Cork and Barrel" and there is an old Sirloin Stockade cow on the edge of town greeting all visitors.  I was hoping to get a photo of the cow today, but work went long and after about 10 hours of work, my mind stops functioning.  Heck, I was lucky I was able to drive the 6 blocks home in one piece--or even that I remembered where it is I'm staying now!

As for the moving, it was not as bad as it could have been--and moving is always bad on any scale.
My first order of business was to take apart the Harrisville rug loom.  This was somewhat traumatic, and looking at this photo now makes me miss my beautiful loom again.  I had to put her in pieces in a storage locker--which is just sad.  I took this (and about 20 more) photo in the hopes that I will be able to put the loom back together without too much swearing (hopefully in the near future).

In the midst of the packing I had to dye a bunch of yarn for a commission.  I think it was actually 20 colors.  Luckily the colors turned out fine.  Now I just have to find the time to wind 20 skeins and weave a 16 x 50 inch piece!

Cassy does not have opposable thumbs, so helping with the packing is difficult for her--and she starts getting anxious when things start coming apart (who can blame her?  So do I).

After day one of moving, I was feeling fairly good! ...of course I had movers move all this stuff.  I had scheduled a moving company to come and move my piano as I can't move it myself.  And they literally volunteered to move all the other big items also.  They rocked.  I gave them each a big tip--I was so grateful.  The next day was another story.

This is how I felt after the second day of moving (no movers, just me, Emily, and the UHaul).

And here is my car packed to the gills for the trip to Cortez. She was riding low and not as happy as usual to go up the hills.  But we made it in one piece.

So now I'm working here for awhile.  It is a good place to work... but I do miss my studio!

So here I am in a new spot, a little off kilter, but all in one piece.  I'm grateful to have an occupation that pays me well which can subsidize my art career.  I don't know where I will be going after here, but rest assured I will continue to weave tapestries wherever I am!

Photos from a hike October 2nd to Gold Hill from the Taos Ski Valley.

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  1. Good luck and happy times in your new-for-now spot! And I just have to say I LOVE the "Simplify" bumper sticker at the back of your car--that's packed to the roof with your belongings!


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