Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weaving Tapestry in Santa Fe

To get the ball rolling in my new studio, I am going to be teaching my Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class May 4, 5, and 7.
Here is a little something about the class:
Tapestry weaving is the ultimate slow fiber movement. It is also a tradition that is deeply rooted in New Mexico. Santa Fe is the center of that mix of Hispanic, Native, and contemporary tapestry weaving and the result is uniquely New Mexican. Rebecca Mezoff’s tapestry studio in the Second Street art district is a beautiful place to come and learn the art of tapestry or refine skills you already have. The never-ending movement of weft through warp is a wonderful way to express creatively as well as a way to slow down and find some rhythm in life.

Color gradation is a striking feature of Rebecca’s work. She loves to teach the blending of color to students with a variety of techniques and her large palette of hand-dyed wool yarn. During this three-day class, students will explore the movement of color in tapestry by weaving a sampler. Different forms of tapestry techniques to move color will be explored and we will create color gradations in all directions in the weaving. Color mixing techniques will be explored and some color theory will be discussed. More advanced students will utilize the techniques to weave a study for a larger piece. Class fee includes use of Rebecca’s hand-dyed tapestry yarn as well as extensive handouts and resources. The class includes Powerpoint presentations as well as the opportunity to create in a working tapestry studio.

This class is offered Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday giving you a day on Monday to explore the art districts of Santa Fe or experience some of northern New Mexico.

You can find my other class listings (with more coming soon!) and some testimonials about my teaching on my website at

The class will be small and we will have a lot of fun!
Class fee is $295 for the three days which includes my standard materials fee for the hand-dyed yarn we will be using. Students will need to bring their own warped loom for the class, either a small floor loom or a table-type tapestry loom (such as a Mirrix).

Please email me if you'd like to sign up for this class. Eventually I'll be rolling out an online sign-up system, but I'm not quite there yet! rebecca (dot) mezoff (at sign) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Recbecca, I love your style of weaving. I want very much to take your Color Gradation Technique class. I hope I'll be able to do that in the future. Sorry to miss this one, since it's the first in your new studio.

    Michele Dixon


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