Friday, August 15, 2014

Sheldon Cooper's newest disturbing obsession

"Leonard, we're going to be rich!" (As weavers!?)

I am a fan of the Big Bang Theory. I caught this old episode from season 1 recently and I was pretty sure that a weaver somewhere would have made sure it showed up on YouTube. Korean subtitles or not, this clip is hilarious... if you're a weaver anyway.

Luminous fish are as good a way as any to find your way to weaving.

I think this loom is a Schacht Mighty Wolf. Any other votes?


  1. that's totally right! it is a Schacht Mighty Wolf!

    If I didn't have to work, I would probably have times like that. :)

    1. Whoo Hoo! And Denise would certainly know!

  2. My husband watched this too. He said the Korean subtitles are really funny, too! In the subtitles of the scene about "luminous" fish leading to a "loom" the subtitles explain that this is a pun in English. The loom does look like a mighty wolf--you can see the Schacht emblem on the end. I think anyone who has gotten into the zone with an art project of any kind can relate. Thank you for sharing. Loved it!

  3. I did actually think later that it could be construed as not-funny... since it clearly picked weaving as an esoteric and laughable activity... which clearly it is NOT! I just loved finding a Mighty Wolf on a mainstream TV show.