Saturday, October 11, 2014

Self-talk with sticky notes

Sticky notes are a grand invention. Did you ever have that moment in the morning where you're pretty sure you're dying. Multi-system organ failure at the very least and you need to get to the hospital immediately. Then you remember.

I finally got smart and started leaving myself a note. Stops the panic immediately. We should use sticky notes more often.

And in a somewhat related story, the Colorado sales tax struggle continues. I put it off as long as I could and then I got out a dry erase board and a pad of sticky notes and put a major step on each one. Unfortunately my procrastination led me to 4:30 pm Friday afternoon when it would have taken a whole tanker-full of margaritas to get a tax professional on the phone from either New Mexico or Colorado. I tried both. Then I drank the margaritas. Just kidding.
It was wine.

I think I understand the concept now after four tax classes, but the bureaucratic steps are what are tripping me up. You know the type. You can register and get licenses online if you have them mail you (yes, snail mail) a letter ID. Okay, but the only way I can request a letter ID is if I've filed taxes in CO before. I have done that, but the address is years outdated and I'm sure the new residents of my old house are going to be thrilled that they have the opportunity to file my taxes for me when they get my letter in a few days. I am sure I'll never see it. I'm just hoping the skunks don't decide to file for me. They might be smart enough. I really thought when I pushed the NEXT button that the taxation authorities would give me a chance to indicate what address the letter should be sent to. I was wrong.
Those four columns are for each of the tax entities I have to deal with. We are only talking about sales tax here. Keep in mind that most of my business is service-based and the amount of sales tax I will be collecting will likely not take you out to a fancy dinner even once a year. So if you're buying a physical product from me and we're standing in the state of Colorado, believe me, I've researched the tax structure. The tax is real and I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay it.

I think Richard the tax guy at CDOR is going to get a visit from me on Monday morning. Maybe the guy who actually collects the tax from people can make some sense of it.

Sadly, the effort it takes me to pay it probably far outweighs the amount of effort figuring out HOW to pay it entails. Maybe I should just send a check for $100 to the state once a year and be done with it. Can I do that? Richard?


  1. Oh my! I think I would have opted for the tanker full of Margaritas myself. Just keep breathing, you'll get through this too.

    1. Thanks Michele! I'm pretty sure it'll all work out fine. And if I screw it up, why would they waste valuable resources coming after someone who owes them $100 or less?!

  2. I am still laughing about the beets...been there....done that.

  3. you could move to oregon and simplfy your life with in a state with no sales tax!

    1. I could definitely live in Oregon... west coast that is. Maybe one day! I'll have to get used to them pumping my gas again though. I lived in LaGrande for about two thousand years one 3 month period.

  4. Federal Holiday on Monday?!! Thanks Gerri! I bet Richard will be hiking a 14er.


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