Friday, October 31, 2014

Silk scarves and wild ladies...

I recently joined the Handweavers Guild of Boulder. I know that this breaks my long-standing rule of not joining fiber guilds, but a good friend brought me to a tapestry group meeting and I couldn't resist. (I'm not against fiber guilds. They're great! I just don't currently have time. And I do have one beef. They almost all meet during the week in the middle of the day. If guilds really want to increase the participation of younger members, this has to change.)
I didn't realize that the big thing in this guild is the annual Sale. Apparently people join this guild just to be in THE Sale. I do have to say, it was impressive.

I greatly enjoyed seeing the tapestry studio group challenge from last year.

The project was a tapestry collage of Sonia Delaunay's 1914 painting, Electric Prisms. You can't tell from this photo, but many of the pieces are not done in tapestry technique. Some are knitted and at least one was embroidered. But they all fit together nicely.

I also enjoyed the work of Suzzanne McGuirk. She makes art dolls and they were completely engaging. Just the variety of materials she uses was impressive. I definitely would have taken one of them home except Emily has a thing about dolls and this one would have had to live in my closet.
This guy sold while I was standing there.
If you need something fun to do this weekend, go see the sale. It is at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. More information can be found HERE. Make sure to see the juried show as you come into the exhibit hall and don't miss Suzzanne's dolls!
It is possible that I came home with a silk scarf. But I didn't buy any yarn!


  1. So glad to see that you're settling in... the guild there looks pretty impressive, especially the tapestry group challenge! I might have stayed in the guild here if their tapestry group had been more serious & less social.

    But, I'm with Emily on the doll creepiness factor. I think it all started when I pulled one of my doll's heads off & saw the backside of those glass eyeballs (shudder!). My mother tells me I started screaming.

  2. The textile collage of the Sonia Delaunay piece is amazing! Thanks for sharing, so inspiring.


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