Monday, July 6, 2015

A safe place for learning online

As most of you know, I teach tapestry weaving online. I've been doing this for over a year now and have enjoyed all of it. I love creating a space for learning that is safe, fun, and that changes with the questions students ask.

If you took Part 1 of my Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry class and you are ready for Part 2, it started today. If this week isn't your week, never fear, the class is forever access and you can keep asking me questions as long as you need to. [Click HERE to register]

And if you're waiting for the new classes I'm working on, they'll be coming your way soon! I'll have a Color Gradation Techniques class by the end of the summer and a couple short surprise classes in the fall.

I am always humbled by the kind words I hear from my students. I hate to even call them students because they give so much back to me every day. But here are a few words from people who have taken the class:
I want you to know I am totally LOVING this class so far. Thank you for creating such a safe learning space!!!!   --Donna
This was the first time I've taken an online class. The experience could not have been better! Challenging yet clearly presented, I looked forward to each new step. Rebecca, I appreciated your comments and encouragement! I feel like I've found my way back to something I had lost... and it's a great feeling. Thank you!  --Faith
I applaud your determination to perfect your teaching videos--they are the best I've ever viewed.... Please continue down this path of teaching which you are passionate about - your approach is fresh and succinct - You have a natural gift and I for one am ecstatic that you are willing to share it with others.  --Sue
And if those three hadn't made me teary enough, this one really did me in:
Hi Rebecca,
What a delightful gift you have given us! I appreciate your generous spirit and delight in giving.
As I was sitting with a cup of coffee before heading to the loom this morning I came across this StoryCorps piece and thought of you.
It was a dad talking to his young son who had a lot of questions, including, "what do you dream I will be when I grow up?"
This is what his Dad said to him:
"My dream is for you to live out your dreams," Albert told him. "There's an old proverb that talks about when children are born, children come out with their fists closed because that's where they keep all their gifts. And as you grow, your hands learn to unfold, because you're learning to release your gifts to the world."
Thank you for unfolding your hands and heart and for sharing your gifts.
I do this thing--this teaching of tapestry--because I love it. I love weaving, I love fiber, I love making art that means something and I think it is important as humans that we continue to make things with our own hands. It might even be vital.

If you are looking for more information about my online classes or the workshops I teach around the US, start here:


  1. Rebecca, I agree 1000% with everything said about you and your workshops. I will be signing up for every on-line class you offer. I love taking them. As I read this, I could feel James smiling. I think he is very proud of you.

    1. Thanks Michele. It is great to hear. And I hope you're right about James.

    2. Oh I'm sure of it Rebecca and you should be too.


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