Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Cranbrook loom of James Koehler

When James Koehler died March 4th, 2011, he left a beautiful studio full of looms. The smaller looms all sold quickly, but the biggest two looms remain.

This loom was the workhorse of James' studio and he created many of his tapestries on it over the 20+ years he owned it. It is in exquisite condition and now it needs a new home.

A detailed PDF is downloadable from my website at this link: http://www.rebeccamezoff.com/koehler-loom-information/loom-pdfs/. The specifications of the loom are available there as well as my contact information. If you need more details or a copy of the PDF that can be printed and posted, please contact me. This loom is still in James' old Eldorado studio near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pickup is recommended. Asking $8500 or best offer.

A commission James was weaving for a hotel in South Lake Tahoe, 2009

The other loom of James' that is for sale is a 100 inch Shannock. Details of this loom will follow this week.

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