Monday, March 5, 2012

What I promised yesterday for today is for tomorrow...

In yesterday's post I noted that I was going to post the information about James Koehler's looms today. Unfortunately I am not quite finished with that posting because I got caught up in finishing this today...

That is the end of the commission still on the loom. I know it isn't much to see all wrapped up like that, but I am glad to have come to the end at long last. I did have not cut it off yet. Sometimes I am just not ready to see the finished piece for a day or so.  Often I'll cut the piece off and leave it rolled up for a few days before I'm ready to look at it. A little distance is often good for a relationship. I'll let you know how it looks later this week along with a few insights about weaving tapestries on small workshop looms.  Whew.  I have certainly missed my Harrisville rug loom.

As for the info on James Koehler's looms, look for that tomorrow!

And here is what I have been watching from my loom while I weave to a chorus of sandhill crane music.

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  1. The cranes flew over here today, too, but I don't know where their local dance hall is. Probably down by the river. I may go in search of them this weekend. I look forward to seeing your finished piece.


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