Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why I knit

Sometimes I just need a break from the whirlwind of trying to hold down two jobs (which, admittedly is my choice)--my "real" job as an artist and my "moonlighting" job as an OT (and honestly some days those labels are flipped)... and like most sane humans, when it gets to be too much, I knit.

One day not so long ago, I suggested a field trip to Buena Vista, a town 110 miles north of here which just happens to have a fantastic yarn store. When you live in a very rural area and you depend on fiber like I do, it doesn't seem crazy to drive 110 miles on a whim to visit a yarn store when you already have a closet full of yarn (as Emily tried hard not to point out too strongly). It didn't take much bribing beyond mentioning Amicas, the favored pizza place in Salida (they have GF crusts!) to get not only Emily, but my sister, brother-in-law, and 12 day old baby to agree to the outing.

I found some beautiful yarn, and felt a whole lot better after an hour of feeling and sniffing the wool.

She got milk, I got pizza. (Her hat was another knitting project of mine. It says, "Got Milk?" Pattern by Smoothfox and available on Ravelry HERE)

Sheep mural at Amicas... which is also a microbrewery though unfortunately the beer is not gluten free.

So if you ever see a crazed look in my eye and my hands feverishly gripping a pair of knitting needles, take a step back and please remember this:
bumper sticker soon to be added to my car's collection...
It works too.

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