Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Commons

Our wedding events (except the ceremony) were held at a place in Plymouth, VT called Good Commons. This beautiful place is run by the amazing Tesha Buss.

The food was cooked by the amazing chefs Matthew Wexler and Martin Howard (who is a pastry chef--the wedding cake was unbelievable). It was outstanding and I was so glad we had Good Commons do the food. They did a lovely Friday "rehearsal dinner" (there was no rehearsal, but the dinner was wonderful) of grilled chicken and porchetta. Desert was s'mores and they were the best thing ever. I hated s'mores as a kid. I think they were too messy. These were fantastic. Gluten free version for me and I could have eaten a plate of them. The wedding dinner was  marvelous Asian fare.
This was Sunday brunch which included these baked goodies and three amazing egg dishes. I can't recommend these two gentlemen enough.

Tesha uses her wonderful house (which she rehabed from basically bedrock with her Dad) to hold retreats, weddings, escapes from NYC... She has the Good Bus to schlep people around. She makes runs to the city (that is New York City) and picks people up for the weekend. She is a woman who makes things happen and her house is lovely. Her mother was visiting the weekend of the wedding and a big shout out to Nancy for all her help! I can see where Tesha gets her spunk.

Martin made to-go cookies for the guests. They were gone in a flash.

We greatly enjoyed our weekend at Good Commons. Thanks so much Tesha, Matthew, Martin, and Nancy! You made our wedding so special.

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