Monday, January 20, 2014

A furious week of work

There has been crazy stuff happening in my studio, or perhaps mostly in my head. I think things have come back under control and perhaps I can find a few moments to devote to the blog.

I spent last weekend in the dye studio. I have had various dye "studios" over the past years, but this one might be the best so far. I loved the shed I had in Colorado, but when it is -38 degrees out as it was last January, dyeing outside is absolutely not an option. It turns out that a garage makes a pretty good dye studio. It is fairly cozy on a weekend afternoon in Santa Fe with the dye pots heating it and the sun shining. I made a pile of yarn, some for the class that started yesterday.
What you can't see is the table of dyes and jars behind me and the big stove to my left.
When I wasn't dyeing, I was re-envisioning handouts and exercises for the 5-day studio class. I pulled it all together and so far the class has been excellent. A studio full of students who are excited about tapestry and are enjoying some time in Santa Fe is a great experience. So with all that activity, I have felt like I needed about three of me the last couple weeks. Fortunately Emily helped me clean the studio Saturday evening and it was all spit-shiny and new for the arrival of 6 students from Oregon, California, and Colorado Sunday morning.

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