Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New beginnings

New Years always brings out blog posts about new beginnings and resolutions and such, doesn't it? But it really is a good time to make some goals. I have made some and will share some of them with you in the next few weeks.

I spent much of last week in the cold of the Colorado mountains watching a new baby come about. She scared us all half to death, but in the end everything went well and she is beautiful and healthy and I am so grateful for that.

And this is how cold it was when we went to the hospital for the arrival.
I know that won't impress those of you suffering through an extended cold spell in the northern USA and Canada, but it was mighty cold (as you may remember from when I lived there last winter!)

Today I am back in my studio trying to catch up with all of your questions and scheduling my classes and activities for 2014. There are great things coming! Expect a post with a list of classes and lectures later this week.

If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you can do so HERE. I will send out two each month in 2014 with information about my upcoming events, teaching resources, videos, blog posts, and most importantly, stuff about tapestry!

Happy New Year!

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