Tuesday, March 24, 2015

San Juan Island: great place for a weekend of tapestry

I loved my trip to San Juan Island, Washington.

Island time is something to be experienced and I am going to have to go back for a whole summer to get a handle on it. I hear that people who do that end up staying. Starting with the hour+ wait for the ferry, time slows down. I noticed as soon as I got in line for the ferry that everyone heading to Friday Harbor was having a grand time in the parking lot despite fierce wind and cold temperatures. It seems that waiting for the ferry is the place to catch up with friends and family and grab a sandwich and coffee and the coffee shop there.
I had twelve amazing women in the beginning tapestry techniques workshop. They were all good problem solvers and I suspect that is common among people who live on rural islands. They were a joy to teach.
I loved this piece in progress. Annette used a lot of pick and pick and the color choices reminded me of the muted colors of the islands. We were weaving from the back, so I am looking forward to seeing the front of this when it is finished.

The class was a two-day full-out blast through basic tapestry techniques.

I had a little time to drive around the island Sunday evening.
It is all big sky and a lot of water.
I won't forget the after-dark frog chorus, the horizon of water, islands, and mountains, and the stories of sailing and adventure. Thanks Friday Harbor!
On the way back to Seattle I stopped at the tulip fields around Mount Vernon. They are not quite in full bloom yet, but I had some moment to stand and enjoy the enormity of that many flowers in one place.
And then it started to rain.
Making the mud soup.
Laughing at my pathetic New Mexico excuse for a rain jacket.


  1. Sounds like fun. Thanks for taking the tulip photo. I am glad spring is happening somewhere.

  2. What Fran said!

    The last island photo is perfect. Those blues are so peaceful.


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