Saturday, October 19, 2013

Connie Enzmann-Forneris, Double-Woven Rugs

Canyon Road in Santa Fe is something of a tourist destination. Perhaps that is why I don't go there often enough. I live here.
Canyon Road is almost completely lined with galleries of all sort. This past week I finally found a little time to go to Marigold Arts and see Connie Enzmann-Forneris' show of rugs. It definitely made me realize I need to spend more time wandering up and down Canyon Road.
Connie's work is amazing. I very much wished I could have come home with this piece:
Cross Plains, 44 x 58 inches
Here is a detail:
Cross Plains, detail
I was really captivated by Connie's use of ikat. Her colors were gorgeous and designs so simple but engaging. Here are a few more photos.
Hawk of the Wind, 44 x 75 inches
Hawk of the Wind, detail
The piece below grabs you when you come through the front door. I don't know if it will still be there when you go and see the show as I can only image these rugs are selling quickly. But the glowing feeling of this piece is stunning.
Angel Fire, 44 x 76 inches

Step to the Sky, 32 x 61 inches
Eagle Nest, 32 x 63 inches
I love Connie's use of pick and pick in conjunction with ikat. She had some marvelous printed books which showed her technique. And in one of them she was weaving on a Harrisville Rug Loom just like mine! The pick and pick technique with the colors of the ikat mixing across the rugs are just so enchanting. Go and see this show if you possibly can! It is up until November 4th at Marigold Arts, 424 Canyon Road, Santa Fe.

A note on the photography: These photographs are just snapshots. These weavings are of the highest craftsmanship. They are all perfectly square with gorgeous edges and a heavy hand. Sometimes the photographs are taken at an angle and make the work look off-kilter. Believe me, they are not. They are perfect.


  1. What gorgeous work!

  2. Thanks Rebecca, fabulous work. I can hardly wait to visit Canyon Road while we're there in January.

  3. Stunning! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing her work with us Rebecca. Wish I was closer to the Southwest to pop in and see for myself.

  4. Thanks for showing us this, Recca. Can you tell us the name of the book(s) that show her technique?

    1. I should have been more specific about the books. They were self-published gallery guides about her work. They did not describe her technique. As far as I know she doesn't sell them, but you could check her website or contact her. She might.

  5. Beautiful work, thank you for brining out attention to it!


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