Saturday, October 5, 2013

Taos Wool Festival 2013

I enjoy going to the Taos Wool Festival the first weekend in October every year.
 I like seeing all the critters.
Okay, this one wasn't exactly part of the festival. He was just down the street.
Navajo churro sheep waiting for her turn to be sheared
Alpaca are so adorable

I enjoy catching up with my fiber friends, acquaintances, and idols at the festival. I always visit the booths of Fred Black, Bettye Sullivan, and Taos Fiber Arts (aka Julie and Ashley Cloutman). This year I added Cat Mountain Fiber Arts to the list of booths to make sure to visit (see my blog post about Kimberly HERE).
Fred Black's booth--He also sells his work at Taos Fiber Arts and Tierra Wools
Bettye and Alex Sullivan's booth, Walking Rain Studio. Bettye also sells her work at Weaving Southwest.
Taos Fiber Arts booth--check out their shop in Taos!
Cat Mountain Fiber Arts--check out Kimberly's store in Alamosa, CO!
And of course there were some beautiful things for sale.
Here is a rug woven by Bettye Sullivan which won a first place ribbon.
The big news though is that I didn't buy any yarn. Not. One. Skein. 
Amazing, right? I'm not sure what came over me, but I didn't come away with any treasures. There were plenty there, but none called to me enough to add to the stash. I think, to be perfectly honest, I had my heart set on another skein of yarn from Brooks Farm Yarn in Lancaster, TX. And they weren't there. Nothing could fill the void in my heart (except perhaps a Fred Black rug which I didn't have the ready cash for).

There are two reasons I try not to miss a Taos Wool Festival:
Number One...
 And Number Two...  Because I am a:
(which quite frankly leads to all kinds of issues and odd behavior including hiding your stash in the piano bench and feeling an irresistible urge to touch the angora bunny fiber even though I don't spin at all).

The festival continues tomorrow in Kit Carson Park. Go and pet some angora bunnies.


  1. I haven't been to the Taos Festival in a few years but your pictures are just as I remember it. Fibery Fun!

  2. Did you see the rug weaver at the rug store just down the road from the wool festival? He was working in the afternoon on a rug woven on a old hand made loom with naturally dyed wool. Absolutely beautiful!


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