Friday, July 6, 2012

A double yarn store day

It was a double yarn store day yesterday and for that I have to thank Emily.
Firstly, there do seem to be more yarn stores up in Vermont than in the parts of the USA that I frequent. For this I am grateful. I like yarn.

The first store was an accident. We were on our way from Emerald Lake State Park (fantastic camping!  Thanks State of Vermont!) to Rutland and we passed this store:

This store did seem to have a thing about these big yarn balls. I suppose it is one way to "use up" extra yarn.

I admit that I picked up some new soy yarn for a little baby project... I might have also bought a pattern to go with it. It was one of those silky fantastic yarns that I'd never seen anywhere before and I took it home with me. They did not have blocking wires for the Pagona. This will be an ongoing issue.

We picked up a free phone book at the tourist information place in Rutland, VT and I quickly turned to the "Yarn" entry in the yellow pages. I wanted to visit Six Loose Ladies in Procterville. I steered us expertly with the use of 6 different maps miles north of Rutland to this city:

There was a street name vaguely similar to the one listed in the phone book for the yarn shop and off we went. After driving through a very not-yarn-shop neighborhood on the edge of Proctor, Emily suggested that perhaps Proctor was not indeed the same place as Proctorville and maybe I should check the map index. She was correct. There was an entirely different city called:

And perhaps I should have realized that Proctor and ProctorSville were not the same place at all.

Fortunately for me and for those of you on the virtual yarn shop tour, ProctorSville was close to where we are camping last night and we were able to visit this yarn shop:

I do wish I had asked who the six loose ladies were though. The shop was lovely. They didn't have blocking wires for Pagona but they did have little bottles of Eucalan that were small enough to carry along.

We will see how long Emily participates in the yarn shop tour. So far she has been quite the trooper. If she gets tired of it I may have to find yarn shops next to bookshops, disaster museums, or at least a coffee shop with wi-fi.

We also stopped at the Calvin Coolidge Museum near Plymouth today as well as seeing damage from last year's hurricane Irene and a great deal of marble. Even the fence posts are made of marble. I'm not kidding.

Also there is cheese and a few mosquitos in Vermont. The few mosquitos that I saw must have actually bitten me and it will add a nice decoration to my wedding attire I'm sure.

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  1. I'm enjoying your road trip posts. Hope you're having fun. Look forward to the next post and pictures.


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