Friday, July 27, 2012

Some little responsibility...

I have to admit that I now feel some sort of responsibility to this blog for some reason. I actually do meet people who read it. Thus my vague feeling of guilt for not posting for quite awhile. I assure you that I have loads of things to relate, but no time to complete the posts. They'll likely come in a flood once I find the time. Sorry about that. I know it is so much more delicious to catch up in bits and pieces.

I went to Vermont. I got married (Whoop!)... that was the best part.
Then my sweetie and I went to Canada and had a blast.
Now we are in Minneapolis where I am attending a remarkable workshop which I will tell you all about sometime in the future. We have thus far driven 7500 miles. Say a little blessing for the remarkable Camry (and her 38 mph gas mileage--no, I don't know what that is in liters per kilometer--which helped a lot in Canada where gas costs more... and I am conflicted about this due to the environment and all--likely it should cost us a bundle more in the states--don't get me started)... and may she take us safely back to Colorado next week.

What with all the honeymooning and the driving and the camping without internet access, the blog has fallen down the list of things that must be done. I promise it'll return one day soon.
In the meantime, keep weaving!

Here I am warping my Mirrix on the shores of a little lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada. Looms can go anywhere after all.

And here is a little clue to where I am right now. Do you know who's work this is?

July 28, 2012:
Here are another couple shots of the Helena Hernmarck piece (which Kathy Spoering identified right off). It is Full Costume Details woven in 2006 and is installed in the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.


  1. Love that Hernmark piece - I've not seen it before. I look forward to hearing about the workshop!
    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Travel safe!

  2. Of course Kathy knew who this was. :) It is Helena Hernmarck. This is a piece woven in 2006 for the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. It is called Folk Costume Details. It is HUGE!

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous! I am so amazed at the scale she designs and weaves. I look forward to hearing about your time with her.


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