Thursday, July 5, 2012

In search of red

This was last week's project which I am just getting around to posting.
I am conducting a dye experiment in search of red. Red is a very hard color to dye, at least I have found it to be so. I need to find my own red formula as I don't like the ones other people have provided. So I am returning to the practices of class back at fiber arts college and dying 10g skeins of yarn in glass jars. This allows me to dye more colors at once to test the formulas.

The jars get filled with a regular mix of leveling agent, dye, yarn, and citric acid and then multiples of them are put in each dye pot with a water bath around them. It works fairly well for sampling though you are limited by the amount of yarn you can get in each jar (10-20g).

This is some of the Vevgarn I mentioned in THIS post which dyes so well.

I haven't found the color I am looking for yet, but I'll keep looking. I will have to put off the resolution of this question until I return to Colorado in a few weeks.

When I find it I suspect it will go well with my sister's strawberries.


  1. How beautiful those yarns in such a variety of reds look! Red has always been my favourite colour, from burgundy to gamboge.

  2. What is the perfect red? I'm partial to a color I like to call Cherry, just slightly on the purple side. Don't like the orangey reds as much, but when you put a bunch of reds together, they are all amazing!

    I just go with color blending to get my perfect red, never liked dyeing, but seeing your jars full of color, it's tempting to go back to it.


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