Monday, October 13, 2008


I currently live on the south side of Mt. Blanca right under Little Bear Peak (I live with a white dog named Little Bear also which is nice). The land is completely covered with pinon and juniper trees. Almost every single one of those pinon trees is completely laden with pinon nuts. Both me and the 4 dogs are obsessed with "picking pinon" which means crab crawling around under pine trees putting the nuts in the bag. There is some swearing involved when hands come in contact with either globs of pine sap (which doesn't come off no matter what and renders anything it touches sticky for a long time) or cactus. But the bags of nuts are worth it. Once roasted they're especially tasty.

I'm trying to remember how much abundance is in my life lately. When work is hard or things just don't seem to be rolling smoothly it can be tough, but the pinon harvest--that is definitely abundance. There must be unmeasurable tons of pinon on that hillside. I don't think I could possibly even harvest the amount just on my 5 acres of land which is only partially treed. Amazing.

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  1. yeah pinons! It is a Mezoff trait to get obsessed with things like harvesting pinons.


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