Thursday, May 14, 2009


Progress on the petroglyph piece continues but seems slow.  One drawback (or perhaps advantage) to weaving on a horizontal loom is that you can't really see the thing until you cut it off.  Here is where I am:
See what I mean?  Doesn't mean much and looks really weird. In fact this image is so disturbing to me that it throws the whole piece into doubt.  Everyone who sees me working on it says, "it'll be just fine."  But how do they know when this is all they can see?  It has been fun to weave, however, and I am looking forward to finishing the last of the 15 inches I have left.


  1. I understand your angst! I worked just once on a horizontal loom - besides making my back tired, I was frustrated with not being able to see enough of the piece. It was also one without a cartoon that I made up as I went along - I really wanted to see the whole thing as I made decisions!

  2. Oh, Rebecca, I love this! I think it's going to look fabulous when you are finished. As we used to say when I was still working as an RN, "Trust your gut!"



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