Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Galleries and other anomalies of the space-time continuum...

When I was a wee one (actually probably only 10 years ago, but it seems like I was a kid then even though I wasn't), I admired the tapestries in Weaving Southwest--a contemporary tapestry gallery in Taos, NM.  I first saw the work of James Koehler, Rebecca Bluestone, Rachel Brown, and Karen Benjamin there.  I hoped one day I would have pieces hanging in that gallery.  TODAY is that day!  Yesterday I brought the new gallery manager Teresa Loveless (Rachel's granddaughter) my weaving and she hung one of the pieces on the wall right then and there.  Seems kind of wild to me.


  1. Did it take your breath away? Wow, congrats back to you, again, Rebecca! So, now we are trading congrats back & forth like a ping pong game, how cool is that? I can tell you were totally unprepared for her to hang one so quickly, otherwise I'm sure we'd be seeing proud photos of it "in situ". Which I'm sure we'll get to see soon!

  2. I was even back in the gallery a few days later and saw it hanging, but didn't have my camera in my hand, so thought I'd snap a photo next time I came back. Well, the piece sold first. :) I'm back to the drawing board today designing some new ones... next time I'll take a photo right away.


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