Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weaving Southwest Re-opening

Tonight was Weaving Southwest's re-opening. They moved just down the street in Taos and the new space is much better... better location also. Congratulations Rachel and Teresa!
Three of my pieces : Awakenings III, The Space Before Knowing, and Meridians. They have sold my more recent pieces. I can't keep up with them and weave for upcoming shows. How do weavers do it? (I know, they never sleep or go hiking for 5 months at a time. I do hope they take magic carpet rides though... and read... and eat chocolate...) I was happy to have my work next to Karen Benjamin! She has always been one of my favorite tapestry weavers and I can't even tell you exactly why. I've never even met her, though she did go to my alma mater (Lawrence University).
Somewhat magically while at this opening, out of the blue, the solution to a piece I've been trying to design in my head for months appeared. I don't know why or how this happens, but sometimes the right image just falls into place. It didn't have anything to do with any of the weaving there or even any conversation I was having--just got the right image and came home to figure out how to weave it. Finally! I've been mulling this one for months. Maybe it is because just before I left for the opening I cut the little piece for the ATA small format show off the Mirrex. Finish one piece, time for another one (not that there isn't another big piece on the Harrisville... small detail. That will have to be finished and the loom rewarped before the new one can be started.)


  1. Lovely! Thanks for posting the pictures.

    It is amazing how ideas and solutions come at the most unexpected moments.

  2. Wow! The new space looks fantastic & appears to be much better for exhibiting the tapestries. I am so thrilled you are selling, Rebecca!

    I just read recently, somewhere, that the best moments of inspiration come when the mind is at rest, not when it is actively wrestling with the problem. Yet another reason to unplug, right?


  3. THe pieces look wonderful! Isn't it neat how things sometimes just come when you least expect it??? Of course all the months of mulling it over primed the pump I'm sure! Looking forward to the new creation!


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