Monday, May 10, 2010

Many uses for ironing boards...

I don't often iron. In fact I do everything I can to avoid clothing that "has" to be ironed. In fact, my definition of what "has" to be ironed is mostly limited to cotton clothing that has to be worn to my "professional" job and somehow got slept on by the dog while it was still damp from the washer. But I thought this was a fabulous use for an ironing board. I am warping the Harrisville for a big piece and not having enough warp cones to put on a sectional warp, I'm chaining. The ironing board is extremely adjustable for height, so I bet it would even work for you short people!


  1. Brilliant! It is so hard to wind warp sitting on the floor - which is how I usually do it, to my back's detriment. I'll do it this way next time!

  2. The rental house I'm living in had two extra ironing boards in the storage shed when I moved in. So I tend to use them for many things--yarn shelves, portable work surface... just rarely for ironing! It really does work well for warping though.

  3. The ironing board also makes a great table for my copper pipe tapestry loom. The adjustable height is very handy.


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