Sunday, February 13, 2011

Summer in New Mexico?

It is warm here today.  It feels like 70 though I think it is probably only 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am hoping not to have to use my tire chains for the rest of the year, though I would really like some more snow.  When it stops snowing early, the forests burn... and that is hard on a long distance hiker (not to mention the forests).

January 22nd, Weaving Southwest had an opening for their new show.  This is a frequent event and I don't always hear about them... but more frequent examination of the Tempo section of The Taos News has helped me find out about this one a couple hours before it happened.

The show looked lovely.  There were some beautiful tapestries by Kathy Perkins that I hadn't seen before.
Pieces by many people including: Donna Loraine Contractor, Karen Benjamin, Sherri Woodard Coffey, Kathy Perkins,  Teresa Loveless, Mary Cost, and LaDonna Mayer.

Piece on the bottom left is my Emergence II.

Top center is my Halcyon Days II, below it is Sherri Woodard Coffey, middle right is Donna Loraine Contractor.

And here is a sneak peak at the piece I finished last month.  I am having some trouble getting a good photograph of it, so here is a detail.

I visited Weaving Southwest again Friday to drop off a photo book I had made of my work to show prospective collectors.  As I walked in the door, the lovely Tara told me she had just finished a check for me.  Isn't is great to walk into your gallery and have someone hand you an unexpected check?  It is a little less shocking than the news below...

In other news:
One morning last week I found this little guy on my dining room table.  "Dining room table" is a euphemism for "card table covered with bed-sheet table cloth."  In my defense, there is a REAL table, but it is currently in "Your Other Closet" somewhere in Mississippi.
I have never before seen a slug in New Mexico, but there he was plain as day, leaving a slimy trail across the spot I was going to eat my granola.  He was also deceased, having dessicated sometime in the night (he missed the memo on low humidity levels).  After some sleuthing I realized he had taken a ride home in a mint plant we had bought at Trader Joe's and placed on the shelf over the table.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I love the tapestry detail, and can't wait to see the whole tapestry some time.

    It's much easier to get a good photo of a small tapestry, but I have sometimes had trouble anyway because it seems like the camera wants to focus on the fuzzy wool fibers sticking up in front.


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