Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doubleweave synchronicities

I started weaving on a counterbalance barn loom sometime in the late 90s with some very helpful advice from the members of the Reno Fiber Guild of which I was happy to be a member.  I started weaving fabric and moved quickly to experimenting in doubleweave.  I loved the design possibilities and fairly quickly I realized I really wanted to do tapestry.  Recently one of the Reno Fiber Guild members told me that Jennifer Moore was coming to teach a class there... in Doubleweave.

Here is the perpetual calendar that the guild made--my entry was for March in doubleweave.

I left Reno in 2001 to return to NM and study tapestry.  I started out at Northern New Mexico College studying traditional Rio Grande tapestry with Karen Martinez.  Fairly quickly I started studying contemporary tapestry with the late James Koehler.  One of James' best students, apprentices, and colleagues is Jennifer Moore.

I was at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe last Saturday for a lecture about women in the arts as well as a viewing of their current show "18 Days".  I did not have enough time to look at all the art, but I did see this...
Jennifer Moore, Awakening, 65 X 70 inches, weaving
That fantastic weaving is Jennifer Moore.  
I looked a little closer.
Jennifer Moore, Awakening, 65 X 70 inches, weaving
Go see the show if you can.  It closes March 20th, so hurry!

Reno Fiber Guild
Jennifer Moore
James Koehler
Me today at my loom today wishing I could ask James one last question... but not quite sure what the question would be.

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