Sunday, May 15, 2011


What does it mean to have my own studio (besides that I feel great when I tell someone I'm "working in my studio")?  For me it is a space for work and reflection.  A quiet spot where (if I remember to turn off the phone and computer) I can get lost in the work of making art.  Sometimes time even slows down.

James' studio was a place he built himself.  It was a beautiful space full of tapestries, yarn, looms, and creative people.  It was a welcoming place where a lot of learning (and a lot of skut work) happened.  Not to mention the amazing tapestries he created there.  It is hard to think about everything being dispersed.  His studio sale was May 2nd and so now he will have to live on in our memories and through our work.
James Koehler Studio, Santa Fe, NM

First spring flowers in front of James' studio, March 2011.
We'll miss you James.


  1. sigh...and life really does go on. He will be sorely missed.

  2. Your studio is so light and roomy! I admit I do covet an out-of-the-house studio, with more light and space.

    It is sad to see James' lovely studio being emptied and closed.

  3. Thanks for posting those pictures of James' studio again.

    I love my studio, but wonder if a studio away from the house would be better. But the issue of the dyeing always rears its head.


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