Saturday, January 7, 2012

Knitting a new year

I have been working on various knitting projects. Yes, I'm still weaving and the new Emergence series piece is moving along (see photo near bottom).  But occasionally other fiber that is less serious and takes less concentration needs some time.

There was the wee little elf sock... and since Dobby died in the last Harry Potter movie, it was destined to be the new baby's (not mine, my sister's) first Christmas tree ornament.

And the scarf I made for my brother-in-law's brother's girlfriend... (yarn came from Germany--well, the first ball I got in Germany when I was there in 2010 and the second I had to have Conni Gardella match and bring back for me when I didn't have enough to finish the scarf)

Christmas was full of snow adventure, cozy cabins, and a lot of family. My sister (who is now 8 months pregnant) went all out and knitted 5 women French Press slippers. They are felted and they are fantastic.

And here is what I use mine for...
The floor in this little rental house in Cortez must have zero insulation in it because my feet are always cold. These felted slippers keep them warm and I can feel the treadles through them. (I am approaching the halfway point on this sixth Emergence piece. I hope to speed it up soon, but tapestry resists hurry. Perhaps that is the point.)

As for my travels through Montezuma County, CO...
This small valley still has signs like this:
Those aren't signs to towns, they are signs to individual people's houses.


  1. Yeah for Elf socks! Do you need me to send you a picture of the blue baby sweater you made for the baby also, or are you ashamed of just how much knitting has been going on lately....?

  2. That ribbon scarf is one of my favorite patterns! And it is gorgeous in that subtle variegated yarn. Isn't knitting just the perfect zen activity for winter?


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