Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A sense of accomplishment

I think what I really do as an occupational therapist is try to give people a sense of accomplishment--that they are doing something meaningful with the present moment. At least I think that is what might be the most important thing about my OT job... not so much the talking and the gait belts and the planning and the paperwork and the productivity and the weights and the suspended equipment (that is for sensory integration with kids for those of you who have gutter heads) and the therapy balls, the details the details the details.

Making art is where I feel that sense of accomplishment myself--not that I'm getting anywhere, just that I like what I am doing when I am lost in the studio. I feel like the moment is as it should be despite the details. So my OT professors were right all those years ago when they said that meaningful occupation is important (and it has been more years than I want to admit since I finished graduate school... a child born when I finished would be getting close to graduating from high school now just for some perspective). Humans need to do something that has meaning in their lives and that goes for pretty much everyone. I have found that to be true for my patients in the clinics, schools, homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, and I find it to be true for myself in my studio. Do what you love. Do something that means something to you... I like to believe we'll all be better off for it.

April is Occupational Therapy month. Do something that is meaningful to you. And then hug an OT.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful, thoughtful post! And... here's a virtual hug for you!!! (((( ))))

  2. What a great post, and the photo of the flower growing out of the cracked dry mud is so appropriate (as well as beautiful.)


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