Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shifting sand

As those of you know who have been trying to pin me down on workshop dates for 2012 and 2013, I don't know where I am going to be living in 3 months. This is challenging for someone like me who wants A to lead to B to lead to C instead of having Ps and Qs thrown in. Order is what I like if you really want to know (perhaps that is another reason why weaving appeals to me).  Not too much order, but enough to feel like there is some ground under my feet.

There are a million and one factors that have to be considered in this decision and it seems like all of them have been reviewed a million and one times. (You'd be right if you think I have trouble making decisions.) Funny how it didn't occur to me until last week to consider which place might be the best tapestry/art center to move to. There are some good ones on the list... Santa Fe, Seattle, Portland, Boulder, New York City (okay, that one isn't on the list of places I'd actually live). If you were fortunate enough to be able to choose which city you wanted to go to and you were to keep in mind that my only niece who is 3 months old and cuter than anything I've ever seen lives in southern Colorado, which of these or others would you choose?

It has felt a lot like we had shifting sand under our feet for the last couple years. But we will be finding some firmer ground very soon.

To my students who have been so patient... give me a few more months! I know I promised you online classes and these are not yet ready. Somewhat unbelievably, my biggest problem with that is the lack of reliable internet out here in the skunk house. Being someone who values quiet and a simpler life I hate to say it in print, but I am never again living in a house in a city in the USA that doesn't have DSL. I am giving myself a loophole in case I one day have to live in a fire lookout in the Gila Wilderness.

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  1. I vote for being near your niece. I know, I know, that limits your options, but I firmly believe in the relationship that develops between a niece and her aunt. Someday she's not going to be that cute baby or toddler, but that cute teenager and young woman, and that niece/aunt relationship becomes even more important.


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