Monday, June 4, 2012

Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center Video

Here is a nice YouTube video about Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center:

I have been a member of EVFAC for many years now (a decade? I don't know!). Beth Orrell speaks about the center in this video as being a place for people to find out who they really are. She focuses some on people with disabilities and people who don't have job skills for the wider job market. As an occupational therapist this resonates with me strongly. But EVFAC also holds very advanced classes and has fiber artists of all levels teaching and learning there. The classes can be anything from a few hour exploration of something to a multi-day intensive with a world-renowned teacher. The Espanola valley is a beautiful place to visit, halfway between Santa Fe and Taos.

Watch the video. Consider a class at EVFAC.
(Also consider my class June 15-17 if you do tapestry! You knew that was coming, didn't you? We need a few more people to sign up for Symbols of the Southwest for the class to be successful.) Here is my website link to the class information also: Rebecca's website...

photo: Laura Barger

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  1. I REALLY wish I could come. I learned so much from you last year. Sorry I can't fit it in me schedule this time.


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