Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salida Fiber Festival

Yesterday, though I had to work at my "moonlighting" job in the morning, I was free by noon and took a trip to Salida with my family for the first annual Salida Fiber Festival.

 Brooks Farm Yarn from Lancaster, TX was there. I always see them at the Taos Wool Festival and in the past I have succumbed to their beautiful wool and silk blends. I went back three times, fingered the yarn, imagined what great things I could knit with it, and believe it or not? I didn't buy any. I couldn't. I already have a couple skeins in the closet waiting to be knitted and the stash couldn't hold any more. Maybe if I get it out and knit fast I can get some in Taos in a few weeks.

 Woods Canyon Woodworks, the makers of the cactus flower loom were there. I have never used one of these looms, but I have had students who have and really like them. One day I will buy one and try it myself.
 Salida is a wonderful but small mountain town about an hour and a half north of where I currently live (Alamosa, CO). I didn't have high expectations for the first year of a new fiber festival, but it was a wonderful event with a lot of vendors and many people buying yarn. I think they'll be back next year!

This is my favorite store in Salida, Fringe. Penny carries yarn, fabric, and a lot of very cool fun stuff. Her booth was fun too.

 Lots of fiber...

And people spinning...
 But sadly, no animals to pet. Penny says next year.
They did have a wine/beer garden and a vendor selling deep-fried things that smelled heavenly but were decidedly not gluten free.

Here is my niece being supervised by my brother-in-law and checking out a Schacht loom for sale. She didn't quite seem interested enough in the loom for my taste, but she is only 7 months old. And later at Amicas while I was eating gluten free pizza, she was playing with the tie on her bootie in such a way that I am SURE she is going to be interested in fiber.

After the festival we climbed to this great waterfall in the Collegiates. We earned that pizza!  (Though the flourless chocolate cake might have been a little over the top.)

Today I did not get any weaving done either. Instead, I went south and hiked to Duck Lake. I didn't see any ducks, but did see a lot of cows. The lake was beautiful and all the hiking this week has made me feel a little better about the changing leaves.

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