Friday, April 5, 2013

The Harrisville Rug Loom returns!

Look what happened in my new studio today! This pile of hardware
 held together a bunch of wood and metal to become this loom.
I went from here:
to here:
In a few hours.  I should mention that I had a lot of help from Emily. I have put this loom together alone, but for the life of me I don’t know how I did it. You need about 40 hands to hold all those parts together and still get in the bolts.

The process wasn’t the easiest. The first time I took this loom apart to move it from my grandparents house to my place in Velarde, NM, I took a lot of photos. Those photos still exist somewhere in a hard drive that is undoubtedly buried somewhere in the boxes of stuff not yet unpacked in Santa Fe. So today I was flying by the seat of my pants to put this baby back together. I did really well with just about everything (and sometimes I was just going by where the wood had darkened where it was exposed to the sunshine to fit pieces together) until I got to the lamm system. Countermarche looms are a little more complicated than jack looms and my memory failed me when it came to hooking up the upper and lower lamms. There are a lot of cables and this is only a 4 harness loom.

I was faced with the myriads of little parts that make up the rollers over which the cables run from the top lamms.
I just couldn’t work out exactly which way the upper lamm assembly had to go in to make the whole roller/cable thingy work. I don’t have internet access yet and didn’t have my computer anyway, so I started digging in the boxes of books scattered about the studio. I did find the loom manual finally though unfortunately it was almost entirely text-based (being from the 1980s when my grandfather bought this loom). I sorted out which cables went where, and at long last the Harrisville is back in working order.

I can’t wait to start warping it.


  1. It felt like things were a little more right in the world today. This must be why!

  2. I'm really enjoying following your adventure and wish you the best! Wish I could be there for that first class, but the time will come . . . meanwhile, your blog will continue to inspire all of us who can't be there.
    Mary Berry

  3. I am so very happy for you my friend. It has been quite a road for you. I haven't told my husband, but one day, I will be down. Congratulations on your hard work and beautiful weaving and sunny disposition. Helen Hart


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