Saturday, November 9, 2013


The American Tapestry Alliance (with kudos to Dorothy Clews and Margaret Sunday) has finished a synopsis of the 2013 newsletters. It is free for the public and a great thing to take a look at if you're at all interested in art or have a specific interest in tapestry. The newsletter is only available with membership in ATA, but this beautiful recap of some of the articles in the newsletter is free for everyone. So pass it around!
Of course I love the musical reference here, a coda being a final ending in a piece of music played usually after a repeat of some of the prior material.

Click HERE for the link to the document.

I am visiting my in-laws in Mississippi this weekend. The Mississippi Delta is a place where the restaurant hostesses pause a moment when you ask for the gluten free menu and then say they are going to go talk to their manager, there is not a single mountain trail to climb, and it rains a lot. But there is muscadine wine, it is good to see family, and I have gotten a lot of knitting done while watching little girls play.

Also, there are many forms of wildlife around here... and that's just in the house.

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