Monday, March 3, 2014

Missing an A.

Yesterday evening while Emily was running the blender (milkshakes!), a large plexiglass tile fell from a small skylight which is (and I never thought about this before) situated right over my computer. My laptop was open and the thing fell point-first onto the keyboard. The result was that I lost my A key. In fact, if I wasn't really cognizant of pressing the little rubber button where the key used to be, my typing would look like I ws missing  finger or t lest n importnt vowel.

But we live in a digital age, and even without the A key, I have muddled along. Turns out you can order a new laptop key quite easily. Within 5 minutes I had seen a YouTube video about how to replace keys on a Mac and found a place that could replace the broken key. I do wish the falling plexi had landed a little north or south. It is a lot easier to type without a Q or a Z. And it is amazing how quickly your body adjusts to a different configuration for one finger... or maybe that is all the years of weaving coming to the rescue.

Happy Monday! May your plexiglass remain in your skylights.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my new fiber tool!


  1. super cool-maybe I can fix my beloved zag board!

  2. Ask me sometime what a few drops of spilled white wine does to a Mac laptop keyboard! Yes, cryptic writings then without the e key (and a few more less essential ones, as well). I also got to learn how easy it was at that time for that laptop to install a new keyboard!

    Glad your HEAD or fingers weren't under that plexi, by the way!!


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