Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And this is my life...

Here is a wonderful video of Bhakti Ziek working on a commission for Community Hall at Whitman College, Princeton. This is not tapestry weaving (it is jaquard), but it is a wonderful tribute to fiber. She ends the video saying, "And this is my life."

I am not sure how it happened, but weaving is also, in part, my life.
When I design a weaving, I'm thinking about the weaving process from the beginning to the end. And so I'm not just doing a painting and then referencing it into a textile, I'm designing a textile.  
I think one of the tricks to being a weaver is staying involved. Just being able to be present with each step as it is.                                                                     --Bhakti Ziek

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  1. Wonderful video! I love the pieces and what she says. Resonates so deeply within me. Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this.


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