Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Online tapestry classes... a fun way of learning how to create your own weavings

My online tapestry classes have been running for about 8 months now. I started the frankly monumental project of creating these classes because I wanted another way for people to learn about tapestry. I love teaching in-person workshops and feel that a mix of learning face to face and online is a great way to go. The online classes give students a chance to practice and have instructor feedback over the long haul. I have had so much fun teaching in this way. I'd love to have you join my online tapestry community!

Below is a video of some of the student work over the last 6 months. (Psst: If you click the YouTube icon in the lower right corner, you can watch the video in a larger version and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're there!)

Registration for the January class is open now. This class is all three parts in one class and is called All-Three-In-One. This allows you to access all of the material at once and work at whatever pace is right for you. The preliminary information about materials and tools for the class is available as soon as you register. The rest of the material is released on January 5th at 10am MST. Wouldn't a class like this be a great holiday gift? (NOT to rush the holiday season... but who needs more stuff when education is available?! ...of course you'll need a loom and some yarn which I'm sure Santa can squeeze in his sleigh.)

If you prefer to take the three parts of the course separately, there is a great Part 1 class running right now. Due to various mathematical errors made by yours truly, this class runs until June 30th. So there is still plenty of time to jump into it. Part 2 opens in January and Part 3 in February again with plenty of time to finish before the summer. It is snow time in Colorado and that makes me want to mess around with yarn. If you live in the southern hemisphere, consider bringing your loom to the beach.

For more information about all of these classes, a trailer video, a FAQ page, and student testimonials, visit my website at I can't wait to meet you all!

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  1. Nice works! Congratulations to you, Rebecca and to your students. I wish you more good times with online tapestry to come!!


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