Sunday, November 29, 2015

Privys, marmots, and holiday skepticism

This is the moment, isn't it? When we feel Christmas roaring down on us like a freight train?

I am determined to stay calm this year. I have a few gifts and ideas for various nieces and nephews and a group project for everyone else. I also have an understanding with my family that Christmas need not contain gifts, though chocolate is always welcome. I'm going to sit back and weave (with some knitting and spinning of course) for the month of December. We're going to visit family and I'm going to let the nephews beat me at video games (Okay the truth is, I'm not allowed to play. They ask if I want to "watch them" play. They learned years ago that I'm hopeless... Lots of knitting gets done. They do have an ancient arcade version of Pac-Man I'm hoping to get to play this year. That statement dates me, though the youngest nephew will obliterate me anyway.)

I have had quite a year of work. I accomplished a lot and have a lot left to do in the next month. But I am a wee bit tired.

This time of year can feel crushing. I want nothing more than to do some weaving and enjoy some time with my family. I don't want to buy things (despite the need for a new set of wheels) and the birds at my feeders are grand enough entertainment for me. I do like some holiday lights and a little snow though.

Below is your public service announcement for the week... if your toilet is outside in marmot country that is. (Which isn't so far fetched in my world really. This one is in Rocky Mountain National Park. There is no roof on this privy which explains how the marmots get in there in the first place.)

May the marmots stay out of your toilet. Really the biggest problem is for the marmot I think.


  1. I grew up in the land of outhouses. Too many funny personal stories to tell about that one. The most recent one was my complaint to a mutual friend about another friend who was being a really snotty person. She is wealthy and she is always snooty to students and poorer members of the knitting group. My friend listened to my complaint and just smiled. I asked why and she said, "Ah, I bet she doesn't know that you have to kick the side of the outhouse before going in." I burst into hysterical laughter. I had awful visions of this snooty person either getting bit on the butt by a spider or a snake. In reality she would never ever put herself in a position to have to use one. I think I like the idea of marmots in the outhouses better than snakes or spiders. Sorry-I'm laughing too hard to go on.

    1. Maybe THAT is why I find that marmot photo so funny. I too am well familiar with the life without running water. Great story!!


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